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I'm annoyed to the point of anger today.

 So let me vent it out.

First thing. Naomi’s tweets that are forwarded to my phone. Normally I get a few from her a day and they’re always about Heechul. But this weekend, they were fucking INCESSANT. I checked my phone on the bus as the it was taking us to the stadium for us to march into our game against Berkeley and I have 126 new messages. ALL from Naomi’s Twitter. ALL about Heechul. It was ridiculous. And then on the bus back home, I checked my phone and found 63 more messages waiting for me. Naomi just tells me to quit getting her tweets forwarded to my phone (which I did) but she is my friend and sometimes I do get real life updates. But now I’m just annoyed. She has a life beyond Heechul and she knows that, she’s got a good head on her shoulders, but this weekend was unnecessary.

Second thing. People bashing religions. Normally I see this all the time and just blow it off but I think the Twitter thing has put me in an especially hot-tempered mood today. Particularly, non-Christians/Atheists/Agnostics bashing Christians. I have friends who openly say they love God on FB/Twitter. But when I see their supposedly open, non-believing friends saying shit like “God is like Santa Clause for adults” or “I don’t believe in that. Shut up” it pisses me off. You’re allowed to believe what you want and express yourself. Bottling stuff up isn’t good for you and expression is essential not only for humans but for life in general. Expression keeps us from building up unhealthy walls and meltdowns and for sharing emotions and moments with others. But if you’re truly open, you don’t have to say anything or you can appreciate that they’re feeling especially loving towards God at the time and feel glad for them. If it particularly bothers you, you can DISCUSS it, not have a bloody war about whether God exists or not. When you bash them like that when they weren’t even doing anything directly to you, you’re just attacking them and before you know it, you’re the bad guy. It’s unnecessary. Just do the exact same thing they do and post how much you love not having a God or like the “Atheist” page on FB or something. The Christians are probably not gonna like it, but most of the time, they don’t seem to say anything about it like the non-believers seem to.

I love my closest friends because they don’t harbor judgment for those kinds of things. We’re all very accepting of each other, regardless of our beliefs. Another reason why this is annoying me is because in this depression I’m having, faith is one thing that’s getting me through it. I’m not reading the Bible everyday or going to church or whatever, but I’m praying a lot. And I’d rather have friends who are supportive of me for doing that and being glad that it’s helping me become happier instead of saying “Why the hell are you doing that shit? It’s pointless.” It’s just another thing that makes me feel a little unsafe for being myself and I’m sick of that bullshit after seven years. I’m on my way to being a stronger person and point-blank, if you’re going to bash me for bettering myself even if it’s through means that just piss you off that much, then fuck you.