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Autumn Weather

 Autumn is my favorite season. And today's weather made me remember why.

This morning, I got out of my Korean class much earlier than usual. Normally I have an hour to kill before my Oceanography class but getting out of Korean early gave me an extra half hour.

I sat down outside the hall my Korean class was held in where there are lots of trees. Dead, dried leaves were scattered everywhere and the persistent gusts were sending them around even more. This morning on the way to my Korean class, there were all sorts of things falling from the trees and piling up into the streets. I even witnessed an employee beginning his long task of scooping them all up with a rake.

I love feeling these gusts of wind kissing me. The chill it leaves on my skin, especially on my cheeks where it's the most exposed. My biggest affection for wind comes from feeling it through my hair. I love the way it feels. I love the way it looks. I love the way it reveals physical traces of a person that you don't normally get to see, beautiful, hidden traces like covered skin that's usually framed or colorful eyes normally veiled by bangs.

The temperature was pretty cold too, enough for me to feel it numbing my bones. Alot of it was due to the wind. But I was too busy enjoying the wind to care about how cold I was. Odd, since I get cold easily and get really bugged by it sometimes. But when it's the wind, this strong wind, it's easy to overlook.

Same thing with everything blowing around. There were leaves hitting me, dust blowing in my eyes, but I didn't care. The wind was too magical for me to care.

The sunlight was also just right. Cloudy with enough gold to brighten up the world and cast all sorts of tree shade on the ground. The kind of sunlight that you get when you wake up in the morning, shortly after sunrise, and lasts throughout the day, never getting any brighter or dimmer.

Right after my Korean class, pondering over how to kill all this time before my next class, I pulled out Eat, Pray, Love. I figured that's what I could do other than using up much needed laptop battery power for my next class. But I was barely paying attention to it, reading it much slower than usual when normally I'm fairly absorbed in it. The feeling of the wind was too distracting and interesting. When it blew through my hair, it was practically telling me "Hey! Pay attention to me!" So how did I kill all that time? I sat there and just enjoyed the weather, something I wish I did more often and wish people in general did more often.

This weather is how I kind of remember elementary school being like, a time of unadulterated fun and innocence. This nostalgia is just another reason I love this weather so much.

Also, I initially fell in love with autumn because of how it looked in media. But that's East Coast autumn, with similar weather that I described only much more colorful. Perhaps that's the reason I love reds and yellows and purples so much. Or maybe I like autumn so much because I like those colors. I don't know. When I looked around me today, I wasn't as disappointed at not having these colors. The shades of green were a comforting reminder of where I was. And the old architecture only added to it since old architecture, for some reason and perhaps in a disillusioned way, reminds me of the East Coast.

Perhaps the reason I really liked this school when I first visited is because I pictured myself doing what I did today: being amongst these kinds of scenery.

As I walked on to my next class, I could smell all these things in my hair, the distinct smell of autumn wind. The kind I wish I could bottle up and put in my hair everyday like they seem to do with ocean water, another scent I adore. I think I'll leave it in my hair for a little while longer, just to remember how uplifting and euphoric I felt just from this ideal weather of my favorite season.